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Have you had time for yourself lately?

Are you still “running around the clock” between your work, family life and other responsibilities?

Few business people take enough personal time to relax. According to Industry Canada 53% of small and medium business owners are challenged to maintain a healthy work-life balance. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, $12 billion a year is lost by Canadian businesses due to general health problems, burnout, and decreased productivity. Business people are constantly under stress and need to consider options that will help them find balance in their work and personal life. Yoga is gaining in popularity for those seeking both a physical and mental way to unwind.

Metta Wave Yoga & Wellness Team

Metta Wave Instructors

Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness of Port Elgin, started in 2014, is tapping into this trend and providing innovative ways to bring the benefits of Yoga to their clients. Joint owners Chelsea Smith and Eva Hamilton, have been passionate about yoga for over 10 years and have established their studio with the overriding objective of making yoga more accessible and affordable to the community.

With 7 certified teachers and 29 different classes per week, Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness offers a flexible schedule and varied programs. Yoga is not exclusively about stretching and flexibility. It complements other fitness programs and activities recommended by doctors, chiropractors, sports coaches and other health professionals. Yoga is one of few physical activities suitable for any age and fitness level. Instructors are sensitive to their students needs and adapt the practice and the postures to meet individual needs, age, energy level and limitations.

Gentle Yoga and Therapeutic Thursday classes provide slow movements and exercises to calm your central nervous system, decompress the spine and strengthen ligaments, improving your overall body posture. Restorative Yoga classes use restful postures and accessories to soothe stress, fatigue and muscular tension.  The studio has tapped into the trend for more vigorous yoga programs Hot Vigorous Vinyasa or Hot Power Play. The hot flow of an infrared heat helps the body stretch, strengthen and detoxify. A more personalized approach to physical and emotional healing is offered with Private and Therapeutic Yoga Instruction. The studio offers an initial 20-minute, free, consultation, which provides the opportunity to understand each person’s objectives, which is used to develop and individual program.

Whatever your reason for considering yoga, Metta Wave Yoga + Wellness can bring the benefits of this centuries old practice into your daily life and expose you to the physical and mental benefits that continue to make it popular. Yoga is still the most accessible activity you can practice at home or at work, from a couple of minutes to a full length session, to take a breath for yourself.

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