Post Election Reponses from Elected Officials – Differences in Councils

Monday, October 27, citizens across Ontario elected their municipal officials for 2014-2018.

The Grey Bruce Business Journal asked the people elected in Owen Sound,
‘What do you see is the major difference between this new council and the last?’

We are awaiting responses from Councillor Peter Lemon.

Mayor-elect Ian Boddy

Mayor-elect Ian Boddy


‘For the first time in many years, the majority of councilors are new. That is a big change.  Based on election platforms, there appears to be change in philosophy. Similarities to past councils may appear as we settle into the positions.’ Mayor-elect Ian Boddy


Arlene Wright

Deputy Mayor Arlene Wright


‘The obvious difference is the number of women on the council, we are now two rather that four.  Women tend to be more compassionate than men so I guess we will see where this goes.’ Deputy Mayor Arlene Wright

Travis Dodd - Owen Sound Council Candidate

Councillor-elect Travis Dodd



‘I think the major difference is the number of new faces that will be sitting around the Council table this upcoming term. This council has a healthy mix of both experienced individuals and individuals who will offer a fresh perspective to the decision making process.’ Councillor-elect Travis Dodd


Councillor-elect Scott Greig

Councillor-elect Scott Greig

‘The new council will be intent on working together from the start as a new team.  I am certain that we have all heard from the residents of Owen Sound to enhance our communication together and to extend that communication outward.’ Councillor-elect Scott Greig

Marion Koepke

Councillor-elect Marion Koepke


‘It is obvious that there are some slight differences in the average age and gender mix on the new Council.  However, neither of these factors should be an issue on Council.  The electors spoke and wanted to see a younger mix which will be advantageous and an asset for Owen Sound.’ Councillor-elect Marion Koepke

Jim McManaman - Owen Sound City Council

Councillor Jim McManaman


‘5 new members of Council is obviously the major difference. It will take some time for all of the new members to learn the procedures, committees, city structure,‎ etc. And they will all have new ideas and suggestions for how to improve the City. It should be an exciting 2015. ‘ Councillor Jim McManaman

Councillor-elect Brian O'Leary

Councillor-elect Brian O’Leary


‘Well, the biggest difference is the fact that there are 5 different people, and with 5 different out of 8 there should be a significant change in the way council operates. With that said, it’s impossible to note similarities when you don’t know the personalities that have left. The biggest difference is the change in personal, and that’s what the people have chosen.’ Councillor-elect Brian O’Leary

Richard Thomas - Owen Sound Council Candidate

Councillor-elect Richard Thomas


‘The obvious difference between the councils is the majority, which are new councilors. The old council and new council are similar in the sense that you have a group of dedicated individuals willing to serve the residents of Owen Sound to the best of their abilities.’ Councillor-elect Richard Thomas



We also asked, What issues do you think the council will be addressing before Spring, 2015?’

and, ‘Are you happy with the results of the election?’ 

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