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First of all, tell us a little about your background and overall platform in 100 words or less.

My business background is split into two distinct careers. First is that of Auto Parts Manufacturing were had the privilege of being exposed to most positions within that organization from assembly operator to Operations Manager. This carrier taught me about process management, personnel development and budgeting development/ cost reduction activity. My second carrier was an expansion of my first, expanding on my abilities to assess organization efficiencies and abilities to manage their operational expenses and reduce wasted spending. I have strong analytical skills supported with solid people skills. I want to use my skills to maximize the value of our budget spending by reducing wasted activities and unnecessary spending on non-valued added activities.

What do you see as the major issue(s) facing business-owners in Grey-Bruce?

In regards to Grey County, I think the largest challenge for our business owners is the lack of tourist trade. We need to increase the efforts to spread the word and promote our local business base across Ontario first then Canada. We need to invest in making our region a destination. Large tax costs are also an impediment to profitable business in our region. One solution that needs to be explored is our current mindset between necessary and wanted spending activities. We must expand our population base through offering job opportunities and affordable housing in an economical way to create an expanded tax base and broaden our knowledge and service base.

I want to use my skills to maximize the value of our budget spending by reducing wasted activities and unnecessary spending on non-valued added activities.

What strategies do you have in mind to stimulate economic growth in the region?

I think local government needs to look outside the box and work with the province to amend the local land severance rules to allow for more hobby farm and individual residence building. In addition we need to expand access and advertising for our current local growers and crafters. Development of rural farmers/crafters markets would defiantly create more interest in tourists and local visitors to our area.

Do you feel economic growth should focus on:

A) Bringing in new business developments, or

B) Encouraging small businesses presently in operations?



Do you think local business taxes should be:

A) Increased

B) Decreased

C) Maintained at current levels

Local business taxes need to be lowered but the ability to do this will have to be fazed in as we implement some of the ideas I have mentioned above.

Should there be any changes in the services offered to local businesses?

I think one of the services that needs to be offered to every business in our community is that of cost management and efficiency gains. These concepts are very seldom applied to smaller business because of the costs associated with this expertise and fact that most small businesses are proprietorships. These two services can and do usually result in enough lowered operating expanse to allow the business to show increased profits.

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