Anyone can Improve Hiring Success – Even if you Flip a Coin!

Anyone involved in recruiting and hiring knows how difficult it is to find the best candidate for your position. The last article, I outlined how the candidate and hiring managers are contributing to making hiring mistakes. The most significant action a hiring manager can take is to prepare more for the candidate’s interview. The most […]

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What Every Hiring Manager Ought to Know about Hiring

Is recruiting and selecting the right people a big challenge and just one of priorities you face every day? With these pressures, no wonder we make hiring mistakes. Well, you are not alone in this situation. Peter Drucker, Management Guru, has stated: “Chances are good up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove […]

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One Simple Tip for Making Good Decisions

There are three kinds of decision makers–but only one type gets the best results. While it might be true that good leaders excel at consistently making good decisions, great leaders try to involve others in the process, at least when there’s the time and opportunity to do so. Canfield suggests first visually delineating desired results […]

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What to Do When Your Employees Tell You That You Suck

When an employee has the courage to give you negative feedback, you need to accept it like a gift. It’s tough to receive negative feedback, but as a leader you must treat it as if it were a fine wine. Once the cork is out of the bottle, you need to identify its nuances and […]

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7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome

Instead of just waiting for the work week to end, use those last few hours and these tips to make next week start out fantastic. Most people get excited that Friday is here, especially if the week has been hectic and packed. But often Fridays can seem like a waste (especially before holidays). Your brain, […]

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12 Simple Tricks For Saving Time on Email

Sorting through your inbox can be a huge time suck. Here are a few ways you can make the process more efficient. Office workers spend about two hours a day on email. Cal Newport, author of “So Good They Can’t Ignore You,” argues that this is terrible for your career. While sending emails might feel […]

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Use These 7 Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Give your 2014 goals a fighting chance with these mobile apps. Many (if not most) New Year’s resolutions become memories minutes after they’re hatched. But some app makers are hoping to end this vicious cycle. Banking on the fact that smartphone owners keep close proximity to their devices 24 hours a day, mobile-app providers are […]

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What to Do When You’re in Over Your Head

A seasoned investor offers a handy three-step process to halt panic and get a handle on a challenge that seems beyond you. Ambition is all about pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits. If you’re not taking on reach goals and slightly terrifying challenges than you’re unlikely to reach your full potential. Which all sounds good […]

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