On-line Shopping Suits Change in Customer Buying Trends

What do you do under the pressure of unrelenting competition from larger businesses that carry a broader range of merchandise, at lower prices and have a fraction of the fixed overhead costs? This is the situation that many retailers now face with the growth of ecommerce. For many business owners, the Internet has become a […]

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Why You Should Hate Windows 8 (And What You Can Do About It)

By now everyone knows that Windows 8 is much different than previous versions of Windows. But if you go to the store the salesperson will likely assure you, “It’s really not a big deal. You will get used to it.”

No. It is a big deal. You very well may never get used to this inferior version, nor should you have to.

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Why It Makes Sense To Put Solar Farms On Old Landfill Sites

Because we don’t need any more golf courses, for one. Old landfills are often ideal sites for solar farms because the land has a limited number of alternative uses. It’s not possible to sink heavy foundations (which rules out large buildings) and environmental concerns weigh against other possibilities. Solar panels deliver valuable energy that the […]

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The Real Cost of Paper Records

The real cost of paper records are underestimated. It is not only the cost of creating them but the ongoing costs of storage, retrieval and filing. Paper documents can only be in one place at a time causing workers to exacerbate the problem by making additional copies for their own filing cabinets. The more people […]

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What Social Media Can’t Do: Ben Kaufman

  During Social Media Week, Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman said when it comes to product innovation, there are limits to what social media can do. Among the many events currently taking place as part of Social Media Week, Quirky CEO and founder Ben Kaufman spoke Thursday about benefits and, more importantly, the limitations of social […]

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Bored? Blame Yourself (& Your Gadgets)

A new study links boredom not to the environment surrounding you. Rather, it’s your inability to focus. Here’s why. Where does boredom come from? The everyday answer to this question is crystal clear–from repetitive, mindless tasks, dull environments (and people), and general lack of stimulation. In this view, if you’re working away at your company […]

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Cyber Security: 3 Steps Every Business Must Take

C’mon, you know this stuff is important. Don’t wait until you’re hacked before you try to protect your company. It’s fitting that October–the month when ghouls and goblins hide behind masks and play their tricks on unwitting victims–is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s time to step back and assess the risks you face at […]

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The Pinterest Pivot

Before Pinterest became social media’s fastest growing website, and landed on the cover of Fast Company, CEO Ben Silbermann set out to transform every cell phone into a clothing retail outlet with an app called Tote. He didn’t succeed. Designed to change shopping on your phone from being a “pain” to “easy and fun,” according […]

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